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WINGS supports families in their efforts to live violence-free by promoting safety, advocacy, empowerment, and education.

View the services WINGS offers:

24 Hour Help Line

  • Victims, friends, or family can call anytime day or night to ask a question, find out about services, or just to talk

Temporary Emergency Shelter

  • 18-bed facility where victims and their children can stay if home is no longer a safe place

Safety Planning

  • Clients will be assisted in developing a personalized plan to reduce potential dangers

Case Management & Advocacy

  • Advocates will help clients set goals and reach them
  • Advocates will connect clients to other agencies for services WINGS does not provide

Legal Advocacy

  • Advocates provide help and support during the legal process including police interviews, meetings with the district attorney, and court hearings
  • Advocates can also help a victim get a Protective Order to keep the abuser away

Medical/Hospital Accompaniment

  • Advocates meet victims at the emergency room to provide support and information during a forensic exam
  • Advocates go with victims to medical appointments as requested for support

Sexual Assault Exam

  • A physical exam performed by a specially trained and certified nurse to collect evidence for law enforcement, this exam is for evidence collection only

Support Group (Adult & Child)

  • A chance for victims to talk with others who have been abused - to gain support, coping skills, and healing
  • A chance for children to talk about what they've experienced

Family Life Skills & Parenting Classes

  • Classes on a range of topics designed to help clients build daily living and parenting skills

Family & Children's Activities

  • Fun activities planned to promote positive relations between parent and child, self-esteem, and confidence


  • Clients can be provided with transportation for appointments, housing and job search, and participation in program activities

Relocation & Financial Assistance

  • Clients may be assisted with housing search and move-in expenses
  • Clients may be provided with needed items such as clothes, prescriptions, and copies of vital records

Prevention Presentations

  • Age-appropriate presentations for ages 5 to adult


  • Presentations tailored for social services agencies, law enforcement, medical personnel, etc.

Awareness Presentations

  • Personalized presentations for any audience including (but not limited to) churches, service groups, civic organizations, parent groups, and businesses

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